Posted by: Levi Brown, Lacey Bullen, & Candice Rademeyer | March 31, 2011

Environmental Estrogen

Welcome to our website on environmental estrogen. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know about the chemicals that are going into your body, harming you, your husband, your baby, and everyone around you. It is important to be educated about the sources, mechanisms, and potential hazards of these environmental estrogens. Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t quite caught up to the research on this topic, but it is our goal to get you caught up on the research so you can go and educate your family, friends, and your community. Environmental estrogen exposure can lead to male and female infertility, breast cancer, early onset of puberty, feminization of males, prostate cancer, and many more devastating effects. You can navigate through the individual topics by clicking on the tabs above this post. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn.