Effects on Men

Previous research reported in 2003 indicates the discovery of effects on men from increased levels of estrogen. The initial intent of this research was to expose the disorders of the male reproductive tract. Reports of falling sperm counts, increased testicular cancers, and increased birth defects of the male genitalia were almost simultaneously discovered. Since this time many more risks have been discovered. Here is a list of some of the risks environmental estrogens impose on men, this is not a comprehensive list:

  • Infertility – the number one cause of infertility in men is due to decreases in sperm count.

  • Prostate Cancer – Chances of prostate cancer increase with age. This is due to the decrease of androgens which offsets the androgen to estrogen ratio. Likewise, if there is an increase in estrogen in the male body similar affects will occur. The ratio of androgen to estrogen is crutial. Decrease of this ratio can affect the proliferative activity of prostate cancer cells.

  • Female-like Breasts

Lee Jardine

  • testicular cancer

  • cryptorchidism

  • hypospadias (birth defects involving undescended testicles and malformation of the penis)

types of hypospadias

  • breast cancer (that’s right gentlemen, you can get it too)

  • and more (including many of the risks women face)

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